Saturday, June 13, 2009


I live in Nova Scotia, Canada.
I'm pretty sure we get Spring dead last compared to the rest of North America... while everyone's blogging about green grass and flowers blooming way back in April we wait patiently for a sign, anything to reassure us that Spring is coming, someday.

Today, I feel like it has come!
My lilacs are finally out (look close, there's a bee in my photo too!), my apple blossoms are blossoming, the birds are tweeting and making out, I can hear lawn mowers and the sound of the wind through leaves on the trees.

All of this vibrant action makes me want to seek clothing and accessories that celebrate and imitate the natural beauty that has finally come to grace me after such a long winter's wait.

Above photos are all from my Spring/Summer collection, some are already available in my Etsy shop, some have already sold and some are coming soon!

I am in LOVE with the brilliance ;)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Take Me To The River....

This is the river where I spent my weekend.
It was a lovely time and I hope to get back there again later this summer...